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Better communication and lower costs are things that everyone needs, and medical institutes, doctor's offices, and hospitals are no exception. VoIP systems bring improved sound quality, reliable communication lines, and a whole range of business tools and features that medical centers find very valuable.


Without a flexible, scalable communications system, restaurants can miss patron calls for reservations or suppliers’ lack of inventory, which frustrates customers and can lead to bad reviews. With many customizable features, Voicentrical can help restaurants communicate and collaborate better, which enhances customer service, driving repeat business and strong reviews.


To thrive in this competitive retail environment, retailers are looking toward making proficient use of technology. VoIP phone systems can help keep the communications consistent. The retail VoIP systems can form an integral part of a retailer’s plan and aid them to deliver outstanding customer service. Retailers can collaborate with customers on their devices through voice calls irrespective of where they are located.

Real Estate

VoIP helps agents move around and never miss a call. VoIP can also be easily configured with robust features and other technologies to better handle customer calls. This aides agents in targeting a specific audience and engages them, improving the marketing campaigns’ ROI.

Small Business

With a VoIP system, you can manage all your voice communications from a central web console no matter how many extensions you have, where your employees are, or even what devices they're using. In addition, most systems also offer features like call recording, video conferencing, and team collaboration.


Large businesses are leaning towards employing an enterprise VoIP solution instead of a traditional PBX telephone system because it drastically cuts costs and increases their bottom line. Voicentrical offers solutions that extend far beyond what is possible with a traditional PBX telephone system.

Digital Receptionist

The Digitial Receptionist function can answer phone calls automatically and present callers with an Auto Attendant or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) options menu.

Video Conferencing (Optional)

Voicentrical offers a powerful video conferencing solution that allows for effective, face to face communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers no matter where they are.

Text Messaging (Optional)

You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages, avoiding the need for staff to give out personal mobile numbers.


Integrate your VoIP systems to be compatible with other services such as paging, door-lock systems, bell systems, hospitality software, and many other services.


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